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Started out as a made-up game I used to play with some friends in another program (LDD), and at some point I was hit with the thought of whether the game could be made into a standalone, as the game was never really that complex in the first place, and from personal experience and friends it was quite fun.

Hence I started making a much simpler version compared to the most advanced version of the original. As I wanted to make a small game that resembled the original but wasn't as complex (hence less time to make a first prototype), and when completed I play tested it with a friend who said it seemed very basic but was quite fun.

At the moment the game contains no personally made graphics - instead is filled with basic colours - but soon  I aim to change that. The mechanics of the game might not come straight away as there is some niches - such as you have to have a tile selected that you want to send population from to colonize another tile - this was done as various tiles have different populations and this way you can choose which tile the settlers come from and how many. The combat system is basically a system of integers with Warriors having a value of 3 and normal population a value of 1.

Each kingdoms goal is to destroy all the kingdoms and remain as the last standing - the average game time can vary massively depending on how passive the players are.

The game can theoretically be played by any number of players - but there is a limit which is related to how many tiles there are - which currently is 15.

A lot of updates and improvements are already on the drawing board as the game doesn't even resemble the original at the moment - which has such things as food, animals (horses/elephants), slavery (when you battle other kingdoms tiles and take the population into slavery), building various parts of a full-set of armour and weapons, diplomacy between kingdoms, and much more.

Either way try it out and see how it goes - all comments are greatly appreciated, especially if reporting bugs or improvement suggestions. You can get in contact on Twitter @realhansthedude

Current Version -


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