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Forever A Crusader is a Text-Based Medieval War Strategy Game, seeing all the poor games and in my opinion draw backs to this genre, which are only there for the developers to make money with an overused format that as a community we have turned a blind eye to are games like: Mobile Strike, Game Of War - Fire Age, Grepolis, Clash Of Kings, do I really need to go on?

Now I'm not stating that these games are bad in themselves, as some do have very unique features, and I have spent hours playing some of them. But the way they format themselves is almost identical, which makes the game boring quickly.

So I decided to try and make a entirely new game for the genre, trying to rid of the stereotypes and boring layout, focusing a lot more on the battle mechanics and tactical side of things, rather than the aesthetic one.

You will be able to play from the year 5000BC to the year 1377AD, giving you just under 6500 years of conquest, your goal is to manage your economy and build a mighty army which will make any foe tremble in its sight.

Game is in early stage development so expect bugs and such, and all feedback would be appreciated negative and positive.

Thank you.

Currently in version 0.0.02

Install instructions

Once installed,

Just start up and start playing! :D


ForeverACrusader.exe (71 kB)